Behind the scenes of Shadow Man

In 1994, Acclaim Entertainment purchased popular comic publisher Valiant. First came Turok – then this gothic tale of Michael LeRoi, a voodoo warrior charged with protecting the world of the living – from the world of the dead…

15 ways Doom is making hell fun again

After nearly 12 years away from the frontline of gaming, Doom is returning and while its development has been challenging, the final game looks to have recaptured the same spirit as id’s original shooters.

13 nostalgia-inducing examples of 90s technology

CONTENT CREATED BY MYVOUCHER CODES While here at Gadget Magazine, we are principally interested in the latest technological innovations, we know as well as everyone else that you can’t create an exciting future without an acknowledgement of what has gone in the past. It piqued our interest, then, to discover this...