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DayZ ‘could come to consoles’

19 Aug 2012

Designer Dean Hall discusses the success of the DayZ mod

Already an unseen success and continually hinting that it could follow in the footsteps of Minecraft, DayZ has become one of the breakouts of 2012. If it can keep this run going, designer Dean Hall sees no reason why other paths couldn’t also be followed.

“I think it’s definitely achievable”, Hall told games™ when asked if DayZ could ever make its way over to the console market.

DayZ 'could come to consoles'

“I think if we did two million sales then we’d start to look at that kind of thing. ARMA already has a background in going onto the 360 so there’s definitely a possibility. I think it’s a staged approached thing. At the moment we’re very much in the experimentation phase and that’s what the PC is awesome for. So we’ll experiment with it and keep the experience good, and if the sales are good it means the demand is there and then we can look at what’s out there.”

Given how well-received Minecraft was on XBLA after making the jump across there’s every chance DayZ could do the same. What’s for sure is that zombies and games are going to be around for a long time…

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  • Neil Castle

    Hell no.

  • duuhherroo

    They really should make Dayz for consoles