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DmC Devil May Cry dev: “Things aren’t as hopeless as some people assume”

5 Jan 2012

Tameem Antoniades, chief creative ninja at DmC developer Ninja Theory, attempts to extinguish some of those fanboy flames surrounding the Capcom remake.

DmC Devil May Cry dev: Tameem Antoniades, chief creative ninja at DmC developer Ninja Theory, has offered games™ some exclusive insights into progress with the company’s Devil May Cry revamp, including the controversial matter of gameplay versus story, which has already seen series fans threatening the studio with physical harm.

“The narrative is a big feature of the game,” he admits, “But the depth of the story will be matched by the depth of the action and the gameplay.”

“We are confident in our chosen direction and Capcom are behind us, so take that as a positive sign that things aren’t as hopeless as some people assume,” Antoniades adds.

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  • Patrick Molloy

    I have faith in Ninja Theory.  As a fan of both the DMC series and of Enslaved, I have a feeling that something truly great will emerge from this collaboration. 

    DmC will be the underdog of 2012, for sure!

  • liam

    I look forward to the game and cant wait to play it. i was a screaming fan about the hair at 1st but in all fairness give it a change. i think its looks much smooter and i can see just a few similar moves from past games which i like. cant wait for the release and to see the story that has been kept soo secret for soo long!