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Extra Credit

14 May 2010

We take another look at some of the smaller stories occurring across the internet over the past week.

Portal is free until May 24. If you haven’t played it, we suggest you buy it right after watching this Aperture Science motivational video, replete with a cheeky nod to the upcoming Portal 2:

YouTube Preview Image

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Tattooist plies his trade in return for games. Triforce tattoo, anyone?

Mariam Asad provides an in-depth analysis on Heavy Rain’s camera angles and cinematography.

Clint Hocking explains the reason for his departure from Ubisoft Montreal in this revealing and candid blog post. Excellent reading.

These Donkey Kong action figures show off the tougher side of Miyamoto’s game.

Hori’s design for an upcoming controller to be used with Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory. Absurd, or amazing?

Mark Ronson’s latest track, Circuit Breaker, pays homage to Miyamoto’s other famous game:

YouTube Preview Image

Destructoid posts a map comparing videogame world sizes. It’s not entirely accurate, but it’s enlightening nevertheless.

According to Love designer Eskil Steenberg his game is very nearly complete. However, in Steenberg’s own words “it was never meant to be complete, so it must evolve”. As such, the expansion AVAIL is on the way.

Mac Gamer posts an interview with Valve writer Marc Laidlaw.

Zombie Cow announces its new game in collaboration with Channel 4. Its concept is unique, to say the least…

The new starters for Pokémon for Black & White are revealed. We’re going with Mijumaru.

Fans create their own movie based on the Fallout universe, entitled Desert Story:

YouTube Preview Image
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