Final Fantasy 10's Blitzball was 'inspired by football and Star Wars pod races'


Blitzball is one of the deepest and most rounded (sorry) mini-games in Final Fantasy’s extensive history – the way it seeps into the wider world is admirable, and it extends beyond its spherical stadiums by requiring the player to recruit NPCs to the struggling Besaid Aurochs in an effort to take them to the top of the league. We asked Kitase where the inspiration for the peculiar pastime came from, and how it became such an integral part of the game’s story.

“I wanted to include a fictional sport in our fantasy world like [Lucas Films] did with the pod races in Star Wars Episode 1. At the time of development we were in the middle of the fervour about the 2002 Japan/ Korea world cup, so I based the mechanics of the game itself around football!” While the football influence isn’t surprising, the revelation about Star Wars pod racing certainly blindsided us; the fact that the gravitational drag races inspired Kitase to such a level is certainly a significant insight into his creative process…

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  1. James Cluckey

    By far my favorite mini-game ever. I wish however for X-2 they would have kept it the same. They dumbed it down. It was terrible. Should have kept it the same.

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