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Top 10 Multiplayer Experiences

19 Oct 2011

Multiplayer gaming is big business. Call of Duty, World Of Warcraft and StarCraft have each mastered their own spin on competitive gaming . From the pick-up-and-play frolics of a cartoon racer, to the ceaseless dedication required to master an epic MMO, gamesTM has compiled the best multiplayer experiences gaming has to offer.

10. StarCraft

Format: PC
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is just good at multiplayer. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s the group play of Diablo, or the extensive support of 11.5 million gamers in World Of Warcraft, Blizzard continues to perfect its craft from the micro to the macro. Somewhere in between sits StarCraft, one of the most finely-tuned RTSs ever released. A whole nation of players can’t be wrong, after all, with South Korea having turned the game into something resembling more a national sport than a bedroom-based pastime. An incredible harmony of balance, strategy and depth, StarCraft’s is a multiplayer that takes time, dedication and ceaseless practice to master.

Top 10 Multiplayer Experiences

9. Team Fortress 2

Format: PS3, 360, PC
Developer: Valve

This spot could just have easily gone to Counter-Strike, but games like Modern Warfare and Battlefield have arguably surpassed Valve’s effort in the realm of tactical shooters. Team Fortress, however, has rarely been emulated, with few other developers having the guts to try cramming so much into one game. It only comes together when your teammates stick to their roles, of course, but when they do matches can be fast, furious, calculated and deliberate. The dedication shown by Valve to its players through continued and imaginative support for its game illustrates just how much confidence the developer has in its product. And rightly so.

Top 10 Multiplayer Experiences

8. Pac-Man Vs.

Format: GameCube
Developer: Nintendo

Re-inventing Mario is all well and good, but the inherent simplicity in Pac-Man would surely make any attempt to alter the formula a reckless and irresponsible act? Maybe for most, but when Shigeru Miyamoto’s on the case there’s little need for concern. Miyamoto did what he does best, taking the game’s core concept and evolving it without overcomplicating the mechanics. One of the few games to use the oft-fiddly system link between GameCube and GBA, it’s also one of the best; the decision to allow humans the control of ghosts resulting in what is arguably the definitive Pac-Man experience.

Top 10 Multiplayer Experiences

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  • gAreth-87

    Err What? Where’s the Original Half-life and its hundreds of online Mods? Quake? Unreal Tournement? Too old I guess ;-)  

  • supervillain

    This list is bullshit without counterstrike. Here is my top 10:
    1) Starcraft
    2) Counterstrike
    3) Team Fortress 2
    4) Mario Kart
    5) Rock and Role Racing
    6) Goldeneye
    7) Tetris
    8) Battlefield 1942
    9) Worms
    10) Bomberman

  • Random Forum Comment

    There is always going to be a number of “should have been included” games in any list like this, but bravo for including some of the top ones like Worms, Bomberman, Pac Man VS. 

    I would have suggested Goldeneye (it really hasnt aged as bad as people say), or ISS Pro 98, or maybe even Wii Sports as great multiplayer classics. But nothing in that top 10 is undeserving.