Apps subscription slashed to lowest ever price – grab it before Monday


Here at gamesTM, we work with various different magazines.

We work with gaming mags like XONE, who sit opposite us shouting things at Kinect (“Xbox, go to Twitch… XBOX, GO TO TWITCH!”) and Retro Gamer, the first port of call if we want to know about games like Ninja Scooter Simulator or Peter Shilton’s Handball Maradona (almost never). We also work with tech mags – iCreate, Web Designer, Linux User and so on.

And today, one of those tech mags has lost their minds.

Specifically, it’s Apps Magazine that has gone crazy. A year’s subscription to Apps Magazine used to cost £32.99 but the price has now been slashed to a ridiculous £4.99.

That’s not a typo. That’s a genuine, what-are-you-doing-you’re-going-to-go-out-of-business price drop of roughly eight billion percent.£4.99! You can’t even get a large Burger King meal for that price and you don’t get to our size without finding out these things out.

Check out Apps Magazine on iTunes to snap up the offer before it’s gone forever – it only lasts until midnight on Monday 23rd June, so get in there quickly.


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