Oddworld: New and Tasty screens are new and, well, tasty


The screenshots show off the game’s gorgeous new visual direction – taking the 2.5D of the original and repurposing it for the modern gamer. Built in Unity, the whole game shines with an ethereal sheen – we don’t know about you, but these familiar screens re-painted with current tech have certainly got our nostalgia glands pumping. Just look at the tentacles on that Slig. Amazing. Oddworld: New And Tasty is due to launch Spring 2014 on PS3, PS4 and PSVita.

Looks like the two plane navigation is making a return


These new perspectives look a bit different to the old, fixed side-scrolling one...


Looks like the Sligs get their Slogs back, too


The iconic scrolling screens are present, helping you through the various levels


Who's watching Abe? Are those some Scrab/Paramite eyes we see?

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