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7 Mar 2012
Peter Molyneux is leaving Lionhead Studios and Microsoft and talks to games™ about his future as a creative.
6 Mar 2012
Review: Mass Effect 3 concludes BioWare’s RPG trilogy in epic style, but does the final game live up to the towering ambition set out in the original instalment?
5 Mar 2012
Ubisoft has just put out the first assets for the next chapter in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the clash between Assassins and Templars now set against the backdrop of the American Revolution.
2 Mar 2012
Review: Journey builds on thatgamecompany’s excellent track record as one of the most inventive and emotionally engaging games on PlayStation 3
1 Mar 2012
Retro Gamer issue 100 is on sale now, featuring the very finest articles in the magazine’s history, and a reproduction copy of the extremely rare first issue.
24 Feb 2012
Part 2 of the Top 15 Games Consoles Of All Time, voted by games™ readers.
23 Feb 2012
The debate is over. games™ counts down the Top 15 Games Consoles Of All Time voted by our readers.
21 Feb 2012
Starbreeze’s retro reboot of Bullfrog’s tactical sci-fi tale is the best shooter of the year so far. Read the games™ review.