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19 Jan 2012
Hitman star Agent 47 sneaks onto the cover this month, with an in-depth feature on Absolution joined by a PS Vita launch round-up and the results of our Greatest Games Machines Ever reader poll.
19 Jan 2012
Tore Blystad, game director of Hitman: Absolution IO Interactive, dispels some myths about the chosen direction for the long-awaited followup in killer slaphead Agent 47′s professional career.
12 Jan 2012
Forget 3DS and PS Vita, for retro gamers it’s the little known GameGadget that could prove to be the greatest handheld of 2012
11 Jan 2012
While there’s plenty of fun found in fine-tuning your tyre pressures, kicking a ball across a pitch and swinging a racket, games™ much prefers the imaginative pleasures of racing an undisciplined Chocobo and defying gravity in F-Zero. Here is the top ten imaginary sports in videogames.
5 Jan 2012
Tameem Antoniades, chief creative ninja at DmC developer Ninja Theory, attempts to extinguish some of those fanboy flames surrounding the Capcom remake.
2 Jan 2012
Heavy Rain is the latest game to get the retrospective treatment from’s Killer App Podcast.
31 Dec 2011
2011 was a fantastic twelve months to be into games. The year kicked off with two ten-out-of-ten experiences practically back-to-back, and continued apace with sublime games like Portal 2 as early as April, right through to the triple-A bonanza of the pre-Christmas line-up. The Wii bowed out as it came in, with a stellar Zelda game, and digital distribution produced gems to rival anything on disc. Here are our definitive games of the year.
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28 Dec 2011
In Boom Street, Square Enix teaches Mario to play Monopoly – with surprisingly strategic results.