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6 Dec 2011
As the industry continues to churn out videogame remakes at startling frequency, games™ takes a look back at the top 10 videogame remakes ever.
2 Dec 2011
After twenty years drifting through corners, Mario Kart 7 lands onto the 3DS with the atomic impact of a crushing blue shell.
1 Dec 2011
Imagine Publishing’s games website breaks records
28 Nov 2011
Michel Ancel’s return to the classic Rayman platform formula is unquestionably beautiful, but does Rayman Origins’ brain match its stark beauty?
25 Nov 2011
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Magazine Issues
24 Nov 2011
Halo 4, GTA V and Wii U lead the charge as the latest issue rounds up 2012′s most promising games. Elsewhere, we go behind the scenes on EA’s SSX reboot and chat with Naughty Dog about the studio’s past, present and future.
22 Nov 2011
Ragnar Tørnquist should be well known to fans of modern adventure games after his work on The Longest Journey and its sequel, Dreamfall. But now the esteemed writer is turning his hand toward MMOs with the Lovecraft-inspired The Secret World. Here Tørnquist takes games™ behind the scenes on the game he’s spent the best part of a decade preparing and explains what we can expect following its April launch.
21 Nov 2011
New Killer App podcast, from the staff of games™, SciFiNow and Play, revisits classic games from the past ten years, begins with Capcom’s Resident Evil 4.