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28 Aug 2013
The Merc with a Mouth finally has his own game, but do High Moon Studios deliver the cocky hack-n-slash gameplay we’d expect from the fourth-wall smashing madman?
16 Jul 2013
Part 2 of games™’s rundown of monumental rule breakers, today we look at FIFA beaters, doppelgangers and Hollywood stars.
24 May 2013
Bungie has released the first trailer for its upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny, and promises a gameplay reveal at E3 next month.
23 May 2013
Six new Call Of Duty: Ghosts screenshots have been released by Activision
27 Nov 2012
Black Ops Declassified Review: The worlds biggest gaming series arrives on Vita, but completely misses the mark. Read the games™ review.
24 Oct 2012
Call Of Duty should be “fun to watch the same way football is fun to watch” says Treyarch Design Director David Vonderhaar
25 Aug 2012
The Dead Or Alive 5 developer sheds some light into the Call Of Duty phenomenon and the East/West divide