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19 Nov 2013
Dead Rising 3 brings a knockabout jocularity to the launch line-up of Xbox One. The best next-gen game to date? Find out in the games™ review…
3 Oct 2013
Capcom has confirmed that over half their European arm could be laid off in company-wide restructuring
17 Jul 2013
Project X Zone review: the games™ verdict on the eclectic character mash-up.
21 Jan 2013
DmC Devil May Cry has rocketed to the top of the UK top 40 this week, edging out Fifa 13′s lengthy dominance.
15 Jan 2013
We talk with Capcom Japan’s director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Motohide Eshiro on Dante’s exciting new look.
14 Jan 2013
East meets West finally done properly
12 Oct 2012
Darkstalkers returns with a new teaser trailer shown off at GDC Online
1 Oct 2012
Resident Evil 6 may well be four games in one but does it match quanitity with quality? Find out in the games™ review.