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25 Sep 2013
Ports aren’t always successful endeavours. The transition from one format to another can often leave a game feeling like it’s missing something vital. PC-to-console conversions traditionally offer the least successful ports – a keyboard and mouse setup is incredibly difficult to translate onto a pad, and the extensive HUDs available on your desktop are almost impossible to navigate with a clumsy pad-based cursor.
3 Aug 2012
It often seems that continual iteration is the lifeblood of the games industry, but there have been a few classic gaming franchises that have seen disproportional gaps between sequels. These, quite simply, are the 10 best franchise comebacks in gaming.
11 Jul 2012
Epic Games admit that Diablo III is not in its sights in terms of success
30 May 2012
Devolver Digital tells games™ that the whole industry is guilty for Diablo III’s always-online DRM, and suggests Call Of Duty will be next.
28 May 2012
Speaking to games™ in an exclusive interview Trevor Longino, Head of Marketing and PR at explains why Diablo III style constantly online DRM carries with it the potential danger of gaming history being lost.
19 May 2012
Blizzard’s long-awaited Diablo III is finally released but is it worth the wait? Read the games™ review…
18 May 2012
Max Payne 3 and Diablo III dominate this week’s gaming releases. If neither of those tickle your fancy, then perhaps giving the latest Sonic a spin will do until next week.
16 May 2012
Diablo III developer Jay Wilson explains that Blizzard making a great deal of money through Diablo III’s in game auction houses will be a good thing for fans.