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1 Apr 2014
Our industry has always focused very heavily on recurring IP; sequels, spin-offs and reboots tend to be the norm year on year. But does this reliance on old brands equate to less innovation? We don’t think so, but we feel like we’re the only ones.
13 Mar 2014
games™ trudges through the best (or longest) boss fights they could find to compile a list of incredibly time consuming events while they should have been working.
24 Feb 2014
The set piece has always strived to bring a little touch of the cinematic to enliven games and, regardless of hardware limitations, each generation has some jaw-dropping spectacle or immersive scenario to boast. So strap yourself in as games™ presents the 35 most exhilarating set piece moments in gaming history…
31 Jan 2014
Today sees the 18th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII’s Japanese release, and – surprisingly – we’ve still yet to hear anything about a HD rerelease of the game.
8 Jan 2014
Since Square Enix broke tradition with Final Fantasy X and gave it a numbered sequel, the floodgates have opened. The good news? This could mean we see Final Fantasy X-3 at some point in the future.
4 Dec 2013
More of a Final Fantasy game than any recent Final Fantasy is
28 Oct 2013
Deus Ex and Thief developer, Eidos Interactive, could be put a the helm of a future Final Fantasy game, according to Lightning Returns design director, Yuji Abe.