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Top 10 B-Movie Games

At games™, we tend to take a pretty serious approach to gaming. We feel like we can look past the superficial to the hidden depths. In light of that, we’ve trawled through our archives and asked around our sister magazines to try and find out what games made a disgusting...

Why are games getting easier?

In a time when technology is allowing us to do anything we want with games, why are so many titles so unsatisfyingly short – so easy to complete, even on the hardest of difficulties? Whatever happened to the glory days of hardcore grinding, seemingly impossible boss fights, platforming sections that crippled...

Why every game genre we use is wrong

Videogames are fairly unique in the media landscape – where other entertainment formats categorise their works by classification of theme or content, videogames apply genre to the mechanics they consist of. But is this the most effective way of grouping games? What are the alternatives?   Broadly, the classification of...

10 games characters that prove silence really is golden

The silent protagonist used to be a trope in gaming because it made sense when thinking about technological or budgetary constraints – putting in a central character that required no voicing or scripting made sense when deadlines were tight. Since then, though, the heroic mime has become something of a...

Suda51 On Games That Aren’t Just Games

Last month saw the release of an interesting project from Bandai Namco – titled Rinko Tsukigime’s Longest Day: Short Peace, the game was released with a series of four films that directly tie in to the game’s narrative. It’s a cross-media project the game’s industry rarely sees, but is it something that’s going to catch on? Suda 51 sat down to discuss gaming’s cross-media potential with us.

The tech that will change the industry in games™ 148

Looking into today’s technological innovations that will shape the way we play games in the future, games™ 148 jumps headfirst into such visionary enterprises such as wearable tech, haptic input, Steam Machines and augmented reality. Speaking of revolutionary tech, we go behind the scenes with Massive Entertainment building the extraordinary game engine behind Ubisoft’s The Division, look into the past, present and future of Minecraft on its 5th anniversary and discuss whether the death of MMOs is upon us.

Replayability: Does it matter?

games™ talks to the writers behind Batman: Arkham Origins, Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate, Amnesia, Soma & BioShock about how to instil replayability in narrative-based games, and why it’s an integral part of games production