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Who is the Arkham Knight? games lifts the cowl in issue 151

After the  dust settled from E3 and our celebratory 150th issue (!), we’ve been hard at work breaking down all the big announcements and interviewing all the key players that’ll shape the games industry in the coming year and beyond. We talked to Rocksteady about Batman’s greatest foe yet (himself!?)...

The end of Nintendo explored in gamesTM 149

Following catastrophic Wii U sales and lack of third-party support for its new console, this month games™ takes a closer look at the dire fortunes of Nintendo and what the company can do to turn it all around. Speaking with industry commentators that those that work closely with Nintendo, we...

The Shot Heard ‘Round The Indie World – James Mielke

The last time we met I spoke about the second coming of BitSummit, aptly titled BitSummit MMXIV. The build-up to the event was an all-consuming time-crushing organizational apocalypse, but somehow we pulled it off. The results, if I can be clear, were pretty spectacular. The first BitSummit was a one-day...

The tech that will change the industry in games™ 148

Looking into today’s technological innovations that will shape the way we play games in the future, games™ 148 jumps headfirst into such visionary enterprises such as wearable tech, haptic input, Steam Machines and augmented reality. Speaking of revolutionary tech, we go behind the scenes with Massive Entertainment building the extraordinary game engine behind Ubisoft’s The Division, look into the past, present and future of Minecraft on its 5th anniversary and discuss whether the death of MMOs is upon us.

games™ back issues now only £2.50

Any issue of games™ from six months ago or earlier is now half off. If you fancy bolstering your collection of issues of the magazine, all in-stock issues of games™ from 130 and earlier are available now for just £2.50, including our 100-cover issue 100 special. See how many times...

games™ Issue 133

Sony’s leap into the next generation with the PlayStation 4 promises unprecedented new gaming experiences on the horizon and games™ investigates its impact on the industry, delves into the games line-up and talks with Sony about how the hardware is set to galvanize the industry.

games™ Issue 126

OUYA, the $99 Android-based console that’s shaking up the games industry gets our front cover treatment this issue as we investigate the importance of the console, talk to the team who made it happen and interview the high profile game developers financially contributing