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3 Jan 2013
Black Knight Sword review: Grasshopper’s latest madcap adventure fails to hit the mark. Read more after the jump…
26 Oct 2012
Liberation Maiden is the first of Level-5′s Guild01 compilation to make it to the west. But does the Suda51 shooter have what it takes to go it alone? Find out in the games™ review.
28 Jun 2012
Review: Lollipop Chainsaw proves to be Grasshopper’s most western-friendly game yet. But it’s still as mad as you’d expect from Suda 51
21 Mar 2012
Review: Sine Mora reinvents the old-school shoot-’em-up for the modern age and becomes an instant classic in the process
1 Apr 2011
Grasshopper Manufacture’s surprise iPhone and iPad game is yet another slice of interactive oddness from the studio that brought you killer7 and No More Heroes. And it’s also a game designed to help the relief effort in Japan, with all proceeds of the app going to the Japan Red Cross. So hop in.
11 May 2010
He is arguably a unique voice in the mainstream industry, and a convincing argument for the existence of the auteur in game design. He is also the CEO of one of the fastest-growing and most progressive studios in Japan. We sit down with Grasshopper Manufacture’s Goichi Suda to discuss the balance between the commercial and the creative