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16 Sep 2013
Grand Theft Auto V is, as expected, a best-of compilation of everything that Rockstar has achieved to date in game design
16 Sep 2013
Our friends over at have compiled a comprehensive list of the best GTA moments of all time, ahead of Grand Theft Auto V’s release tomorrow
29 Aug 2013
WIth Grand Theft Auto 5 less than three weeks away, we have a trailer just for you.
30 Apr 2013
Come meet Michael, Franklin and Trevor – the stars of GTA V.
14 Nov 2012
Rockstar releases trailer 2 for Grand Theft Auto V. Watch it after the jump…
Magazine Issues
24 Nov 2011
Halo 4, GTA V and Wii U lead the charge as the latest issue rounds up 2012′s most promising games. Elsewhere, we go behind the scenes on EA’s SSX reboot and chat with Naughty Dog about the studio’s past, present and future.
3 Nov 2011
Everyone’s seen the GTA V trailer by now, but what does it say about Rockstar’s stylistic and tonal intentions for its next great comment on American culture?