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24 Dec 2012
Top 10 Games of 2012: Here at gamesTM, we’ve played all that the year has to offer and we’ve compiled the year’s best into one convenient list for your pleasure. Disclaimer: we reviewed Telltale’s The Walking Dead after we made our picks, otherwise it would have certainly made the cut.
1 Nov 2012
Halo 4 review: Master Chief and 343 Industries embark on a spectactular new trilogy in style
19 Jul 2012
343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor lifts the lid on Halo 4′s biggest secrets
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15 Mar 2012
Master Chief is back in Halo 4, the first true Halo sequel in years, and games™ 120 has the full story on the Xbox hero’s comeback. Also inside, we reveal the most ambitous SimCity to date, take an extended look at Panzer Dragoon’s spiritual successor Crimson Dragon, and talk to the Japanese games industry about the devastating effects of the March 2011 earthquake.
Magazine Issues
24 Nov 2011
Halo 4, GTA V and Wii U lead the charge as the latest issue rounds up 2012′s most promising games. Elsewhere, we go behind the scenes on EA’s SSX reboot and chat with Naughty Dog about the studio’s past, present and future.
26 Oct 2011
games™ sits down with 343 Industries’ creative director Frank O’ Connor, who discusses why Halo 4 brings a new perspective on Master Chief .