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Master Chief Collection like “binging on Netflix” says 343

With the 10th anniversary of Halo 2 coming around and the success of the Anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved established, it was a no-brainer that 343 Industries would do the same again for Master Chief’s second adventure. But as we discovered when we sat down with Dan Ayoub, executive...

Halo is here to win the console war in games™ 153

Is Master Chief here to save the Xbox One and win the console war? Almost, as The Master Chief Collection draws closer, we sat down with 343 Industries’ Kiki Wolfkill and Dan Ayoub to talk over their hopes for the future of the Halo series and why they put so...

Top 25 Killer Apps

While we await the games that will define the success of the newest generation of games machines, games™ looks back through the year at the titles that have defined their host hardware

Game Changers – Halo: Combat Evolved

When Halo exploded onto the scene at the start of the millennium, it proved the first-person shooter as a valid console genre and introduced subtle gameplay innovations that are still emulated today.

The Problem With Trolls

Trolls. Griefers. However you want to label these online tormentors, they’re determined to derail your experience. Talking to those that choose to incite chaos and the people challenging it, games™ investigates the anarchy pervading online gaming.