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1 Apr 2014
A shot of adrenaline to the indie scene, Hotline Miami combined classic gameplay values with a punishing difficulty curve, catapulting palyers through a gaudy fever dream of mask-wearing serial killers and Eighties kitsch. Now with Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on the horizon, games™ chats with creators Dennis Wedin and Jonatan Söderström about violence, controversy and the duo’s edgy reputation.
19 Feb 2014
games™ recently sat down with pioneering developer and head of Double Fine, Tim Schafer, to chat about the state of the indie scene, development and where he’s heading next…
5 Feb 2014
games™ talks to Incus Games about building videogames for the blind, the under-appreciation of sound design in the industry and the challenges that come with stripping away the graphical interface players are used to.
21 Aug 2013
Yesterday evening, Sony took to the Gamescom stage announced a ton of new information about first-party exclusives, their support for indie developers and price alterations on their hardware. We’ve got it all tied together for you below.
31 Oct 2012
Frog Fractions masks itself as an edutainment game, but don’t let that put you off…
28 Jul 2012
Is Spelunky really the best thing since sliced bread? Find out in the games™ review
14 May 2012
games™ updates the status of some of the most popular Kickstarter projects and sheds some light on new campaigns.
4 Aug 2010
If the announcement of the Indie Fund at this year’s Independent Gaming Summit revealed anything, it’s that transparency, flexibility and support are needed to keep the Indie scene producing innovative content. With that in mind, we sit down with the recently formed Tomorrow Corporation to discuss what it really means to be free from publisher pressure