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15 Apr 2014
Resolutions and frame-rates only count for so much in any console war. Another key battle is that of exclusives and since neither Microsoft nor Sony has managed to secure a true first-party killer app so far, all eyes fall on future titles to see what the platform holders can really do with their own consoles.
14 Mar 2014
games™ sits down with From Software’s Tak Miyazoe, producer on Dark Souls II, to talk about the future of the Souls franchise
4 Mar 2014
games™ interviewed Hideo Kojima in Nasu, Japan where he waxed lyrical about the state of the industry, the future of gaming and Japan’s continued relevance in global development culture.
27 Feb 2014
The first full 3D Final Fantasy game brought the franchise into the modern age, with voice acting, remarkable art direction and a gloriously well-realised world. Producer Yoshinori Kitase recalls its creation to games™ as this modern classic prepares for its HD re-release…
26 Feb 2014
Now that the (divisive) Thief scores are out, games™ looks back to its interview with game director Nicolas Cantin – who discussed stealth, action and what Thief can do that other games can’t.
20 Feb 2014
games™ recently sat down with The Sims 4 associate producer, Grahame Nardone, to talk about how the Sims is changing for its next instalment, new technologies in the series and how amoral players will have fun in the life-simulating sandbox…
7 Feb 2014
games™ chatted to veteran Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase about the origins of Final Fantasy’s most comprehensive minigame
27 Jan 2014
MachineGames’ creative director Jens Matthies details the long-awaited reboot of Wolfenstein