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Kill The Boss – Gaming’s Greatest Battles

The latest Digital Special Edition from games™ is a collection of our favourite boss battles through the ages. Presented in two page spreads with gorgeous screenshots, Kill The Boss features some of the most epic boss fights through the generations, spanning games in the early eras of the industry right...

Vainglory review

Vainglory review

You might not think that MOBAs are ‘your thing’ and perhaps a mobile one like Vainglory won’t change your mind. But there’s something about this little game that had us starting rounds over and over, continuing to improve on our previous performances. The title is, at its core, a 3v3...

The Next Gen Of iPhone Gaming

You might not think it, but the iPhone is in a battle for its very survival right now. All the big smartphones are, in fact. While Apple is credited with bringing the smartphone into the mainstream and remains the biggest brand name around, the imitators and innovators have beaten it...

Plants Versus Zombies 2: It's About Time Review

Much like its PopCap brethren, Plants Versus Zombies was never a game which groaned for a follow-up, and given how well it melded together tower defence and accessibility with myriad possibilities, why even bother? Well, to make it free-to-play, stuff it full of micro-transactions like a three-bird roast and send it on its way, obviously.