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Can the Apple Watch be a gaming device?

We haven’t played wrist-mounted games since the days when we were wearing digital watches and velcro trainers. They were pretty simple devices, fiddly and inconvenient, but we can’t deny there was something a little magical about them. Being able to carry a game around with you on such a discreet...

Last Voyage review

Last Voyage review

Place your headphones on and listen to the sound of our voice. You are about to embark on a voyage. Listen only to the sound of our voice. A voyage through time and space, your world perception may be challenged. Listen only to the sound of our voice. Do not...

Kill The Boss – Gaming’s Greatest Battles

The latest Digital Special Edition from games™ is a collection of our favourite boss battles through the ages. Presented in two page spreads with gorgeous screenshots, Kill The Boss features some of the most epic boss fights through the generations, spanning games in the early eras of the industry right...

Steve Jobs: The Unlikely Videogame Innovator

The accomplishments of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died on the 5 October, are many and encompass an incredible range of media industries. And in the past 35 years, the man’s work has had a profoundly influential effect on videogames despite Apple never intentionally entering the business.