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17 Oct 2012
Can Fable: The Journey magically endear Kinect to the hardcore? Find out in the games™ review.
4 Aug 2012
Crimson Dragon hasn’t been released yet but its creator is already eyeing a sequel that will be the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon Saga
27 Jun 2012
Gears Of War: Judgment’s announcement allows Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski to open up about Microsoft’s hands-free technology
24 Jun 2012
Review: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor takes a hardcore favourite and shoehorns it into a totally innapropriate new context
7 Apr 2012
Kinect Star Wars is out but is it more Attack Of The Clones than Empire Strikes Back? Read the games™ review.
17 Mar 2012
Grasshopper Manufacture’s Goichi Suda discusses Diabolical Pitch, its Kinect action game starring a “broken-hearted major leaguer”
20 Oct 2011
If the most action your Kinect has seen in recent months is that attention-seeking nod it does every time you start your 360, chances are you’re looking for a new game in which to be the controller. Bump the coffee table aside, then… this dance-off is on.
11 Oct 2011
Does Turn 10′s highly-polished muscle machine have what it takes under the bonnet?