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PES 2015 review

PES 2015 review

There’s something a little bolted together about PES 2015. Its confluence of polished next-gen gameplay with decade-old trappings can be a little jarring, but there’s definitely still something there. Some of that old PES magic we’ve been waiting to see again for so many years is definitely present, but so...

PES Vs FIFA – The interview

Since 2000, EA’s yearly juggernaut has won the sales war against Konami. In the wake of the rivals’ launch this year, we thought we’d level the playing field and ask the developers behind both games the same questions. From EA, Sebastian Enrique, producer on FIFA 15 and from Konami, Adam...

A Retro Guide To Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The notorious sewer-dwelling crime fighters have been a videogame mainstay for decades. games™ takes a look back at the courageous adventures of everyone’s favourite heroes in a half shell, now celebrating the 25th anniversary of their virtual debut

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

Cut anything. Who knew two words could cause so much trouble? It was three years ago when Metal Gear Solid: Rising emerged with ‘cut anything’ as its core mechanic, tech demos showing Raiden slicing through watermelons, pillars and cars with lethal precision. Unknown to us, that same mechanic that made...