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13 Mar 2012
As the gaming community comes to grips with the polarising ending of Mass Effect 3, we take a look at 5 videogame endings that do it better
2 Sep 2010
The final tranche of games™ 100th issue covers celebrating the 100 greatest games ever – here are covers 81 to 100. Enjoy…
18 Aug 2010
Gamescom is here – the largest videogame convention in the world. Join us as we take a look at the most interesting news and developments to have come out of Germany so far.
14 Jul 2010
If there’s a language that videogames understand, it’s violence. It is where the medium excels, where it comes into its own. A game without death and destruction is as rare as a tabloid scare story with proper fact-checking, but what are the alternatives to violence, and are developers really doing all they can to exploit them?
18 Feb 2010
Bioware’s incredible run of form continues with its best game so far