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How Microsoft’s ID@Xbox scheme is saving the Xbox One

After Sony made ripples in the games industry by throwing its weighty supported behind independent developers, Microsoft is catching up to its long-term rivals by offering indies a foothold in the XBLA marketplace. We speak to developers releasing their games through ID@Xbox to find out more about the scheme. A few...

E3 2014: Who came out on top?

So far, we’ve seen the Microsoft and the EA conferences, and it’s been one heck of a ride. Microsoft’s conference kicked off at 17.30pm, with some unexpected surprises…   Microsoft: First up, the announcement that Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare would have DLC that would be Xbox One exclusive, alongside...

Top 25 Killer Apps

While we await the games that will define the success of the newest generation of games machines, games™ looks back through the year at the titles that have defined their host hardware

Top 35 Set Pieces Of All Time

The set piece has always strived to bring a little touch of the cinematic to enliven games and, regardless of hardware limitations, each generation has some jaw-dropping spectacle or immersive scenario to boast. So strap yourself in as games™ presents the 35 most exhilarating set piece moments in gaming history…

Game Changers – Halo: Combat Evolved

When Halo exploded onto the scene at the start of the millennium, it proved the first-person shooter as a valid console genre and introduced subtle gameplay innovations that are still emulated today.