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Firefall review

Firefall review

Firefall has been through development hell over the last few years, and it’s unfortunate that what it mostly has to show for it are the scars, and a yawning gap between potential and reality that not even the nimblest of its battleframes could jetpack across. When announced back in 2010,...

How Rust plans to dethrone DayZ

Billed as the next DayZ, zombies would be a holiday from this, the most brutal society ever simulated. Welcome to Rust. Prepare to die. Horribly. Rust is a game about solidarity, co-operation and friendly rivalry. No, wait. Bastardry. At least, it is a lot of the time. For reasons that...

The tech that will change the industry in games™ 148

Looking into today’s technological innovations that will shape the way we play games in the future, games™ 148 jumps headfirst into such visionary enterprises such as wearable tech, haptic input, Steam Machines and augmented reality. Speaking of revolutionary tech, we go behind the scenes with Massive Entertainment building the extraordinary game engine behind Ubisoft’s The Division, look into the past, present and future of Minecraft on its 5th anniversary and discuss whether the death of MMOs is upon us.

World Of Warplanes Review

Successor to the prosperous World Of Tanks, Wargaming’s latest opus World Of Warplanes takes the fight to the skies in the form of a massively multiplayer flight sim