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9 Apr 2014
Is The Elder Scrolls Online the evolution of Skyrim or just another also-ran licensed MMO. Find out in the games™ review…
4 Feb 2014
Successor to the prosperous World Of Tanks, Wargaming’s latest opus World Of Warplanes takes the fight to the skies in the form of a massively multiplayer flight sim
4 Oct 2013
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s producer and director Naoki Yoshida sits down with games™ to discuss how the traditional MMO works on console formats
9 Aug 2013
games™ investigates whether CCP Games’ MMO makes the most of the free-to-play model
7 Aug 2013
games™ turns to Bungie president Harold Ryan, to discuss exactly what we can expect from Destiny when it arrives in 2014.
24 Jul 2013
Browser based MMO RuneScape has undergone a massive overhaul and as the third iteration goes live today, games™ returns to its preview feature to give you an idea of what to expect
7 Jun 2013
In the upcoming content Patch 5.4, Blizzard will be introducing a new raid type into the World Of Warcraft called Flexible Raiding, designed to provide a better experience for casual and social players