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Who Is The New 3DS Actually For?

Console launches are usually met with excitement, but Nintendo’s latest iteration of the 3DS has inspired little enthusiasm. In light of that, we found ourselves asking… who’s actually going to buy it? There have now been four generations of 3DS… within one generation. That doesn’t make sense, right? Nintendo has...

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review

Barely anything has been compromised in Xenoblade Chronicles’ journey to handheld. Xenoblade Chronicles didn’t quite enjoy the enormous success many believed it deserved on Wii. Despite improving the RPG genre in numerous ways and offering arguably the finest role-playing adventure of its generation, lukewarm sales meant Monolith Soft’s gem instead...

Citizens Of Earth review

Citizens Of Earth review

Originally a Kickstarter project that fell significantly short of its target, Citizens Of Earth had a revive spell cast on it by RPG specialist Atlus, ensuring gamers would be able to enjoy this quirky parody of Earthbound after all. Players step into the over-polished shoes of the vice-president of Earth,...

Project X Zone Review

Project X Zone contrives to throw 60+ characters from Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega games into a strategy-RPG that’s more interested in fan service than tactics

Fallblox review

Fallblox review: the sequel to Pullblox proves to be another essential challenge. Read the games™ review.