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Star Fox Zero review

Star Fox Zero review

You know what? We’re going to have some fun here before we get into the nasty business of picking through the smouldering wreckage of this Arwing crash-site; the charred remains of Fox McCloud a testament to Nintendo’s inability to properly utilise its own hardware, let alone take command of a...

Yo-Kai Watch review

Yo-Kai Watch review

It’s impossible to talk about Yo-Kai Watch without addressing the Snorlax in the room. Much as Nintendo would go to great pains to stress that its latest Japanese export can co-exist with the Pokémon series, it’s clear that for Yo-Kai to enjoy the same success in the west as it...

Blizzard secures its MMO throne in games™ 174

As the forces of Azeroth and Draenor look set to clash on the silver screen we go hands-on with Blizzard’s epic new expansion to World Of Warcraft and find out why it’s one of the most important to date. Plus we speak to Cliff Bleszinski about his new game and...

Is NX Nintendo’s Dreamcast?

With the 3DS reaching a plateau and Wii U lucky to get even a bronze medal out of this generation, it’s plain to see that Nintendo currently stands at a crossroads with regards to its next hardware release

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