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Behind the scenes of Shadow Man

In 1994, Acclaim Entertainment purchased popular comic publisher Valiant. First came Turok – then this gothic tale of Michael LeRoi, a voodoo warrior charged with protecting the world of the living – from the world of the dead…

13 nostalgia-inducing examples of 90s technology

CONTENT CREATED BY MYVOUCHER CODES While here at Gadget Magazine, we are principally interested in the latest technological innovations, we know as well as everyone else that you can’t create an exciting future without an acknowledgement of what has gone in the past. It piqued our interest, then, to discover this...

The strange new turn for Uncharted 4

Gripping character arcs, revolutionary stories, intimate relationships and industry-leading gameplay… Naughty Dog has perfected all this in single-player, but where exactly does that leave Uncharted 4’s multiplayer efforts?

Persona 4: Dancing All Night review

Persona 4: Dancing All Night review

There’s a simplicity to Persona 4: Dancing All Night that treads the line between choreographic genius and rhythm game fury. The presentation of the game is impeccable – you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a ‘full’ console release, rather than for a handheld console: the character models (remade specifically...

Behind the scenes of Warhawk

Criminally underrated, SingleTrac’s epic action title was one of the 32-bit PlayStation’s first western-developed games and took the genre to new heights

Behind the scenes of MDK

Is it Mission: Deliver Kindness? Murder Death Kill? Max, Dr. Hawkins and Kurt? Or Massive Dollops of Ketchup? Whatever the meaning of MDK, it’s a fast, beautiful and novel Nineties shooter. games™ spoke to two men behind its creation The seeds of MDK were sown in 1993 when industry veteran...

Behind the scenes of Magic Carpet

It may not have taken one thousand and one nights to make but Magic Carpet’s open world swept gamers away. games™ talks to its developers What could possibly surpass the joy of creating a graphically stunning open world? For those who worked on Magic Carpet – Bullfrog’s classic first person...

20 Hardware Innovations That Redefined Gaming

For decades, advances in hardware have reshaped our gaming lives – sometimes with great fanfare, sometimes going almost unnoticed. Join us for a look back at 20 innovations with legacies that still impact gaming today 1. The first commercial console Hardware: ZX81 | Year: 1981 | Company: Sinclair Research The...

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