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14 Apr 2014
While the ‘sick filth’ that comprises our pastime was never actually banned, not for want of trying on behalf of the tabloid press or various American principalities, it’s still fair to agree that paragons of virtue and moral integrity are few and far between in the fiction of videogames. Still, a few diamonds in the rough there are, and through a deft combination of research and well-argued self-delusion of its favourite characters, games™ brings you the definitive rundown of gaming role models.
6 Jan 2014
The US rapper goes all Nintendo for his latest music video…
4 Nov 2013
Satoru Iwata speaks to Junichi Masuda and Tsunekazu Ishihara about Pokémon X & Y.
10 Oct 2013
From those hundreds of hours invested in Pokémon in the late Nineties, these are the vital pieces of info that will live with us forever
9 Oct 2013
Game Freak’s newest Pokémon offering takes us back to our RPG roots…
5 Sep 2013
The starters from Pokémon’s Generation I return, and their third stage is getting a Mega Evolution!
4 Sep 2013
In their most recent Pokemon showcase, GameFreak and Nintendo revealed the Generation I starters will make a return, complete with MegaEvolution forms
13 Aug 2013
7 Pokémon receive all-new, more powerful forms that can be used to change the tide of battle