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The strange new turn for Uncharted 4

Gripping character arcs, revolutionary stories, intimate relationships and industry-leading gameplay… Naughty Dog has perfected all this in single-player, but where exactly does that leave Uncharted 4’s multiplayer efforts?

Drake fires back with Uncharted 4 in games™ 168

Could 2016 be the year of PS4? With games like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End in its arsenal you would be a fool to bet against it and we’ve got the latest hands-on info about the game’s insane multiplayer. Also this issue we get deep into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided...

Tearaway Unfolded review

Tearaway Unfolded review

When it was first released on the PS Vita, Tearaway was much more than the game it was often compared to – Little Deviants. That game felt like a tech demo, a cautious exploration of the Vita’s unique hardware. Tearaway was something else – an actual game that explored what...

Until Dawn review

Until Dawn review

Let’s not mince our words – Until Dawn wouldn’t exist without Joss Whedon’s self-aware horror hit Cabin In The Woods. Both Until Dawn and the 2012 horror flick are serious critiques of what horror is; both deconstruct the ‘torture porn’ that modern media has come to associate with the horror/thriller...

Journey [PS4] review

Journey [PS4] review

When we were playing Journey, the whole games™ team got involved. There was only one of us actually playing, but the game is so enchanting, so hypnotic, that eventually it drew the whole team in. It was beautiful on the PS3, but in 1080p resolution and running at 60fps, it’s...

20 Hardware Innovations That Redefined Gaming

For decades, advances in hardware have reshaped our gaming lives – sometimes with great fanfare, sometimes going almost unnoticed. Join us for a look back at 20 innovations with legacies that still impact gaming today 1. The first commercial console Hardware: ZX81 | Year: 1981 | Company: Sinclair Research The...