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Entwined review

Entwined review

Entwined is a charming proposition, one that you can’t help but respect and connect with upon first embarking on its unique attempt to tell a tale of love and companionship. Newcomer PixelOpus has set out to craft a thought-provoking and (dare we say it?) artistic experience that’ll sit comfortably alongside...

E3 2014: Who came out on top?

So far, we’ve seen the Microsoft and the EA conferences, and it’s been one heck of a ride. Microsoft’s conference kicked off at 17.30pm, with some unexpected surprises…   Microsoft: First up, the announcement that Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare would have DLC that would be Xbox One exclusive, alongside...

Sony and Oculus Rift on the new VR revolution in games™ 147

The virtual reality revolution leads games™ 147. We look into Sony’s Project Morpheus, talk to a post-Facebook buyout Oculus and explore the impact it’ll have on the industry. We also delve headfirst into Batman: Arkham Knight and Mario Kart 8, while finding time to bring you the biggest news, reviews, previews and interviews.