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27 Feb 2014
The first full 3D Final Fantasy game brought the franchise into the modern age, with voice acting, remarkable art direction and a gloriously well-realised world. Producer Yoshinori Kitase recalls its creation to games™ as this modern classic prepares for its HD re-release…
26 Feb 2014
Now that the (divisive) Thief scores are out, games™ looks back to its interview with game director Nicolas Cantin – who discussed stealth, action and what Thief can do that other games can’t.
24 Feb 2014
We steal some time with Eidos Montreal’s Thief reboot and almost come back empty handed. Read our review after the jump…
11 Feb 2014
Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy proves the law of diminishing returns, but yet manages to stay onside with a satisfying and engaging battle system that’ll appeal to hardcore RPG fans more than any recent Final Fantasy release will
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6 Feb 2014
Shadows and Steam dominate games™144 as we finally get our hands on Eidos Montreal’s Thief reboot and experience the fear of Sega’s Alien: Isolation. Elsewhere we investigate the future for Valve’s Steam Machines, take GTA online and look back on the making of Elder Scrolls – all while reviewing the very latest releases.
4 Dec 2013
More of a Final Fantasy game than any recent Final Fantasy is
28 Oct 2013
Deus Ex and Thief developer, Eidos Interactive, could be put a the helm of a future Final Fantasy game, according to Lightning Returns design director, Yuji Abe.