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Top 10 Clocks Counting Down To The Apocalypse

The ‘doom clock’, or doom timer, is a fascinating mechanic in gaming – its primary uses usually involve some kind of unstoppable death at the end of a countdown. Loved by some, loathed by many, the doom clock pressures players. Mixing a completionist with a doom clock is a recipe...

Street Fighter X Tekken review

Capcom takes the fight to Namco in a battle of the brawlers, but can the Tekken cast survive in two dimensions? And who will win when Zangief actually wrestles a bear?

Top Ten Must-Play Capcom Brawlers

The long undisputed king of the brawler, Capcom’s eye for subtle gameplay mechanics, memorable character design and hyper-stylised visuals remains as sharp today as it was back when Street Fighter was first released in 1987. games™ counts down Capcom’s best.

Comic Mischief: Marvel vs Capcom 3

Thanks to Street Fighter’s timely return to the ring, the gaming world has never been more receptive to new fighters. That Capcom is hard at work on a sequel to one of its most fondly remembered brawlers ever, then, should come as no great surprise, though a lot has changed since Ryu and Iron Man last locked horns. gamesTM speaks to producer Ryota Niitsuma about new control schemes, the trials of dealing with some of the biggest brands in the world and putting the fun back into the beat-’em-up.