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17 May 2013
Underground, overground, wandering free
24 Jan 2013
The courts decided THQ’s fate as the company was dissolved, with its studios and properties auctioned off to the highest bidder…
12 Dec 2012
THQ are offering Facebook fans the opportunity to get a free copy of Metro 2033 this week
14 Aug 2012
Review: Can Darksiders II take the solid groundwork of the original Darksiders and elevate it to classic status?
20 Sep 2011
Crytek UK to develop THQ’s Homefront sequel, due 2014.
27 Apr 2010
Videogames have experimented with a variety of transmedia crossovers in the last decade, but rarely has this marketing technique incorporated the use of television. However, recent developments at the BBC and SyFy indicate that there may be a shift in the two mediums’ use of one another.