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Does Steam Have Too Much Power? – Asks games™ 157

With Steam Machines expected later this year, Valve game delivery platform is set to become bigger than ever. It seems like a good time to ask then, is Steam too powerful? How is Valve using its influence? What do developers think of the platform? Is it transparent enough. We get...

The No Console Future

Historically, the videogame industry has been characterised by change. Be it new hardware, new forms of distribution, new types of games or new ways to interact, this is not a medium with a habit of standing still. The only thing that is certain about its future, therefore, is uncertainty. What...

The tech that will change the industry in games™ 148

Looking into today’s technological innovations that will shape the way we play games in the future, games™ 148 jumps headfirst into such visionary enterprises such as wearable tech, haptic input, Steam Machines and augmented reality. Speaking of revolutionary tech, we go behind the scenes with Massive Entertainment building the extraordinary game engine behind Ubisoft’s The Division, look into the past, present and future of Minecraft on its 5th anniversary and discuss whether the death of MMOs is upon us.

Thief adorns the silvery cover of games™ 144

Shadows and Steam dominate games™144 as we finally get our hands on Eidos Montreal’s Thief reboot and experience the fear of Sega’s Alien: Isolation. Elsewhere we investigate the future for Valve’s Steam Machines, take GTA online and look back on the making of Elder Scrolls – all while reviewing the very latest releases.

BitSummit: Japan celebrates its overlooked independent movement

As the West continues to enjoy a golden age of indie gaming, the Japanese independent scene is still bathed in relative obscurity. On 9 March in Kyoto, Q-Games’ James Mielke launched the first BitSummit – an event that shines a light on the burgeoning creative talent residing in the East

Black Mesa review

Black Mesa review: How does the Half-Life remake measure up to the original? Rather splendidly it turns out.