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7 Nov 2013
After games™ took a trip to Warner Bros. Games Montreal for some time with Batman: Arkham Origins earlier in the year, we compiled together a list of definitive Batman graphic novels that we felt particularly influenced the prequel’s narrative.
31 Oct 2013
Online job posting suggests that the studio’s next Arkham title might be cross-generation.
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22 Aug 2013
We walk the streets of Gotham City as we explore the world of Batman: Arkham Origins in games™ 138, out now.
23 May 2013
Techland announces Dying Light for next and current gen systems
10 Dec 2012
Can the Lord of the Rings MOBA make a splash in the clannish genre? Find out in the games™ review.
28 Jun 2012
Review: Lollipop Chainsaw proves to be Grasshopper’s most western-friendly game yet. But it’s still as mad as you’d expect from Suda 51
20 Jun 2012
Review: Lego Batman 2 offers yet more typical Lego gameplay but manages to stay just about fresh enough to appeal
30 Jun 2011
Now with the world’s most misleading title to go alongside the most tenuous acronym.