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24 Feb 2014
The set piece has always strived to bring a little touch of the cinematic to enliven games and, regardless of hardware limitations, each generation has some jaw-dropping spectacle or immersive scenario to boast. So strap yourself in as games™ presents the 35 most exhilarating set piece moments in gaming history…
17 Aug 2012
games™’s Japan correspondent reports back from his first two weeks online in Dragon Quest X: Rise Of The Five Tribes
10 Aug 2012
The Last Story finally makes its way to the US on August the 14th. Is it worth dusting off the Wii for one last time? Find out in the games™ review
13 Jul 2012
Inversion and Quantum Conundrum standout in one of the slowest release weeks in quite some time.
8 Jul 2012
Review: Beat The Beat: Rhythm Paradise isn’t just one last hurrah for the Wii, it’s one of the best rhythm action games we’ve seen in years.
5 Jun 2012
Crazy Nintendo crossover game, Captain Rainbow is finally getting an English translation. games™ interviews the team responsible.
15 Apr 2012
Review: Pandora’s Tower is the third and final release in Nintendo’s fan demanded trilogy of JRPGs, after Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. But is it as good as either of those games?
28 Dec 2011
In Boom Street, Square Enix teaches Mario to play Monopoly – with surprisingly strategic results.