Is NX Nintendo’s Dreamcast?

With the 3DS reaching a plateau and Wii U lucky to get even a bronze medal out of this generation, it’s plain to see that Nintendo currently stands at a crossroads with regards to its next hardware release

Is it time to cut the cutscene?

So I missed the memo, right? The one that said all was forgiven and that it’s okay to ship games that are 50 per cent cutscene. That rather than trying to keep developing the brilliant work that’s been done over the last couple of decades, we should just take the..

Far Cry 4 and “the raw delight of discovery”

Let’s talk about signposting, emergence and story. Good signposting in games is really, really bloody difficult. Too strong and you end up patronising the players and robbing the world of discovery. Too little and they wander around in circles cursing your name. Worse than that (and this is a contentious,..

Does anyone care about achievements anymore?

So here’s a question – does anyone really, actually care about achievements anymore? Maybe once they were a half-decent idea (I’m not going to go more than half though), but now they just feel like a hangover [ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: YOU’VE BEEN DRINKING]. I don’t know many developers who don’t passionately..

How Real is Too Real? Dan Pinchbeck Looks At UltraViolence In Games

“Caroline, you’re alive!” exclaims our massive-headed hero, BJ Blazkowicz. There’s a pause, then the wheelchair bound Becker responds: “Well, if you call shitting in a bag alive.” It’s the funniest line in Wolfenstein: The New Order and pretty much encapsulates the central issue with the game.  The New Order is a..

The Shot Heard ‘Round The Indie World – James Mielke

The last time we met I spoke about the second coming of BitSummit, aptly titled BitSummit MMXIV. The build-up to the event was an all-consuming time-crushing organizational apocalypse, but somehow we pulled it off. The results, if I can be clear, were pretty spectacular. The first BitSummit was a one-day..