The 100 Hottest New Games revealed in games™ 202

games™ 202 is here and once again we’re celebrating the 100 Hottest New Games off the back of E3. Inside you will find 100 of the most exciting, innovative and creative games coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in the coming years. Grab yourself a copy from

Battlefield V leads games™ 201 on sale now

It’s the season of new game announcements and new game access and games™ 201 has some of the biggest of them this issue as Battlefield V leads the charge of massive new games on the way in 2018. Grab yourself a copy now from MyFavouriteMagazines or your local store. Let’s..

The brutal truth of God Of War revealed in games™ 198

Older, wiser, beardier… Kratos is back and while much has changed about the god of war, many things have stayed the same as we discover this issue with our hands-on experience and exclusive interview with creative director Cory Barlog. Find out how just a couple of simple changes to how..

Supercharge your gaming life with games™ 196, on sale now

games™ 196 is hitting shelves near you and it’s a special one. Welcome to the How To issue! Inside you’ll find guides to all sorts of interesting things that will supercharge your gaming life whether you just want to play, want to learn or fancy finding work in videogames. Let’s..