"Call Of Duty not an appropriate comparison" to Halo 4 – 343 Industries

Halo 4

Halo 4 and Call Of Duty are coming out within a week of each other, meaning we should be in for one of the more interesting end of year battles for some time. According to 343 Industries’ franchise development director, Frank O’Connor, the two are very different experiences.

“We’ve gone through the grinder a little bit on Call of Duty but that’s not really an appropriate comparison” O’Connor told games™. “But we look at trends as a whole and the palette of the games that are out there.”

"Call Of Duty not an appropriate comparison" to Halo 4 - 343 Industries

“I’ll be honest, [inspirations] seem to come socially rather than at a management level. For example, we don’t come into a meeting and say to management ‘Hey, you know what’s hot? Borderlands 2 and it has a cool progression system.’ That’s what we talk about over lunch or stuff that the artists are absorbing or the designers are playing.”

Almost a response to people who seem to assume that 343 Industries has incorporated some of Call of Duty’s multiplayer elements into its framework, O’Connor is supremely confident that come 6 November Halo 4 will stand on its own.

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