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Can Wasteland 2 match Fallout?


With development of Wasteland 2 well under way following its successful Kickstarter campaign – and an exclusive interview with producer Brian Fargo and more information about the game can be found here: – former Interplay employee and current game designer at Obsidian Chris Avellone, who is working on the project, believes it has enough similarities with the Fallout universe to ensure fans of the franchise can jump aboard.

Can Wasteland 2 match Fallout?

“I feel Wasteland has similarities to Fallout in its moral dilemmas” Avellone told games™. “[There’s] multiple quest solutions, and open-world exploration approach of the game (you can go anywhere, and do anything, and if you stumble across a bad guy or creature who’s tougher than you… well, tough).”

With the original Wasteland debuting in 1988 and Interplay often citing the original Fallout, released in 1997, as its spiritual sequel, it’s important that many of these concepts that have won millions of gamers over do carry across.

Thankfully Avellone, who has experience with the franchise thanks to his work on Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, is knee-deep in the Wasteland 2 project as he’s “helping out with the vision doc, templates, system mechanic suggestions, area design templates and design (right now, I’m tackling the opening areas of the game).”

Keen an eye on games™ and the magazine for more information about Wasteland 2 very soon.


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  1. Jwrac

    I’d say it will be a revamped take on a similar playstyle to FO1/2/Tactics.

    Wasteland was the original inspiration for Interplay to make Fallout, as they couldn’t get the rights to Wasteland from the EA Publishers.
    Apparently, the game will be overhead, not sure if hex style or isometric or whathaveyou. It might as well be completely 3D reliant I am pretty sure, as using 2D Sprites for characters is something limited to indie developers and oldschool games.

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