Elite Beat Agents 2 coming to Wii U. "Surprising UK acts on tracklist" says Nintendo.

In a shock announcement months before Wii U’s scheduled re-reveal at E3, Nintendo has revealed that rhythm-action sequel Elite Beat Agents 2 will be an exclusive launch title for the Wii successor this winter.

Elite Beat Agents 2 coming to Wii U. "Surprising UK acts on tracklist" says Nintendo.The original Elite Beat Agents released on DS in 2006 and was a westernized version of iNiS’s Japan-only rhythm-action sensation Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!. While the original game combined popular Japanese pop songs with bespoke animations and intense stylus-based rhythm gameplay, Elite Beat Agents was an unusual localisation in that it used eniterly new songs and animations. Instead of J-pop songs it featured popular western acts such as David Bowie, Madonna and Cher.

Elite Beat Agents 2 is the first videogame in the company’s history to be produced by Nintendo UK and will draw upon the publisher’s burgeoning relationship with popular UK acts through its advertising campaigns. As such, Nintendo has revealed an all-UK tracklist including such hits as Jedward’s number 2 mash-up hit Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby), One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful and JLS’s number 1 chart topper She Makes Me Wanna. More songs are to be confirmed later in the year and Nintendo has told us to expect some “surprising UK acts on the tracklist” including, bizarrely, the first ever  a capella vocal performance from prolific videogame voice actor Patrick Stewart.

It’s currently unknown if the announcement of Elite Beat Agents 2 signifies the existence of a new Ouendan game in Japan but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Ouendan 3 revealed at this year’s TGS. Expect Elite Beat Agents 2 to feature at E3 where we will see exactly how Nintendo intends to make the DS rhythm-action game function on Wii U’s television and touch-controller combination.

For more information on Elite Beat Agents 2 see nintendo.co.uk
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