Extra Credit


Sid Meier makes a game in 48 hours in the latest episode of the Oral History of Gaming series. Essential viewing for anyone who’s played Civilization:

Please, someone tell us that this will never come to be…

…but EA, please make sure that this does.

Bit-tech tried something a little different last week, and ran a week of articles exploring the British game industry from the BBC Micro through to the modern day. Worth a read if you’re feeling patriotic.

A new celebration of all things indie is to be held for UK developers this June at Channel 4. With speakers like Terry Cavanagh and Simon Oliver it could be an interesting discussion on the art and craft of this burgeoning subset of the industry.

Grand Theft Auto meets Google Maps:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsaP7EtnWeo

The enlightening and informative book Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Value And Meaning is now available for free download. In depth, intelligent analysis of 22 games with contributions from Greg Costikyan, Clint Hocking and Jesse Schell makes this essential reading.

IGN presents the Splinter Cell Activity Book For Kids.

Yes, it’s fake, but it’s funny. Our favourite tweet from the fake Peter Molyneux so far? “Would you be willing to have a surgical operation to play a game that is at least 100 times more immersive than anything else?”

Given that Machinarium was one of last year’s greatest games we’re incredibly disappointed to hear that Microsoft has declined to publish it on XBLA . At least we can buy Tomas ‘Floex’ Dvorak’s soundtrack on vinyl.

This week Tom Francis wrote about screwing around in Just Cause 2, a game that fosters experimental and emergent play. Few other games have had us pushing at the boundaries of design to such an extent. Can we really attach that to that? What better way to exemplify Just Cause 2’s playfulness than the following video?

What makes a game really scary? A good atmosphere? Terrifying monsters? The inability to save? Michelle Baldwin discusses the crippling fear of losing your progress.

Jason Rohrer’s follow-up to Passage is out today. Sleep Is Death is like improvisational theatre translated into pixels. For $14 you owe it to both yourself and a friend to check it out.

Konami promises to take us there again some day with a new Silent Hill game. If it’s less Homecoming and more Shattered Memories, we’ll be more than happy to go on the trip.

While we’re on the topic, ex-Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka discusses his departure from Konami and move to Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacture in this interview with Gamasutra.

Ok, the source is the Daily Star so we’ll take this story with a pinch of salt. It’s certainly one of the more interesting Wii-related accidents we’ve heard, though.

games™’s only 10/10 reviewed game of 2009 is finally being released in the UK. Demon’s Souls will be published by Namco Bandai on the 25th of June and is available in a special edition flavour complete with art book, CD soundtrack and strategy guide. Considering the difficulty and relative inaccessibility of this otherwise brilliant RPG, we’d highly recommend that you pick up the version with the guide before they all disappear.

We had to post it. Here’s the Ashes To Ashes trailer for Gears Of War 3. The music by Sun Kil Moon is a nice follow-up to previous trailers’ use of Gary Jules and DeVotchKa:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GXf9SEPlA4