Extra Credit


NowGamer.com is holding a Red Dead Redemption themed competition in which you can win DLC codes for special edition content, Red Dead branded t-shirts and limited edition playing cards. Click through to the website’s competition page to enter.

Extra Credit

Looks like Treyarch has learned a few lessons from Infinity Ward’s brand of action, if this new Call Of Duty: Black Ops trailer is anything to go by:

If you’ve been enjoying the delightful, yet difficult, Bit.Trip Runner as much as we have, you may want to check out these wall prints.

Second Person Shooter examines minigames that are arguably more fun than the games they’re a part of.

We took a look at Medal Of Honor recently, and although it’s shaping up well, we can’t help but question the sensitivity of the Afghanistan setting. NoAddedSugar has similar concerns.

Irrational Games reveals the initial pitch document for BioShock. The plot may have been completely different, but the heart and soul of the game remained intact.

A videogame played by screaming. The angrier you yell, the better you do:

After a protracted legal battle over the use of the name ‘Edge’, French indie developer Mobigame’s title is finally back on the App Store, hopefully this time for good.

Penny Arcade sets its aim on day one purchase DLC.

Katamari’s Prince takes on Will Wright’s SimCity.

We’ve all been there before, sitting bleary eyed as the sun comes up, knowing we should have gone to bed hours ago. Second Person Shooter writes a short piece about those moments when we just can’t put down the pad.

IGN takes an artistic look at just how often developers lie to us.

BlinkWorks has gone live with its Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for Indie Game: The Movie, a feature length documentary chronicling and examining independent developers. If the entire film is as well produced and shot as this interview with Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen, we hope BlinkWorks raises what it needs:

And finally, if you haven’t used Google today then do so now. There’s a unique version of Pac-Man to play right there on the home page in celebration of his 30th birthday. Play it quick before it disappears forever.