Extra Credit


Simon Cottee explores the videogame building block that is the pixel in this short documentary:

Nels Anderson asks do we need fair trade games?

Game Career Guide’s Shaylyn Hamm explores the aesthetics of unique videogame characters in depth. A good read for anyone looking to get into the artistic side of the industry.

The poor Prince, he’s got the weight of all the world on his shoulders.

Kenny Young, audio designer at Media Molecule, takes a look at the use of voice in Dragon Age: Origins.

Valve parodies the commerical that introduced the Apple Macintosh to the world in this trailer for Half-Life 2 on Mac:

Incredibly difficult, but incredibly addictive. Orton And The Princess will bring out the inner sadist in anyone who plays.

The Guardian examines the making of the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack, including interviews with the people involved. Great reading.

While we’re on the subject, keep an eye out for the John Hillcoat machinima of Red Dead airing on Fox this weekend.

Gamasutra’s Christian Nutt analyses the inner lives of game characters, and the impact they have on the games we play.

Google Pac-Man is made permanent – great news for all of you who wasted as much time as we did when it went live on the front page.

An excellent animated short from Alex Varanese, entitled My Desk Is 8-Bit: