Extra Credit – Clint Hocking talks design, Machinarium for five dollars

Clint Hocking 1

Clint Hocking’s Singapore MIT-GAMBIT Game Lab talk from 2008, entitled ‘The Territory is not the Map: Hyper-Realism and the New Immersion Paradigm’ is a must-watch if you’ve got the time to spare:

Meanwhile, iPhone dev Frank Lantz talks re-inventing gaming. Another enlightening discussion if you’ve got twenty minutes.

And finally Gamer Melodio reports on Jesse Schell’s ‘Visions Of The Gamepocalypse‘, a follow-up to his DICE talk. Incredibly interesting stuff for all the futurist’s out there.

Don’t have a PC that can run Civilization V? Fantasy Flight Games has you covered.

When a game as artful as Limbo is released, critical evaluations are always soon to follow. Above 49 asks a broader question, however. Why are so many indie darlings 2D platformers?

Last week we linked to the Space Invaders couch. Now you can complete the set.

Elder-Geek takes us on an exhaustive stroll through videogame history. Can you identify all the songs playing in the background?

Halo gets the demake treatment in the retro-flavoured Halo 2600. Interestingly it’s made by Ed Fries, one of the visionaries behind the original Xbox.

And while we’re on the topic of demakes ‘Junkboy’ has posted a bunch of modern favourites given the retro treatment. Can you guess which game is which?

Some excellent cosplay at the San Diego Comic-Con. We’re particularly impressed by Shepard’s awkward movements. Very accurate.

Gadget site T3 explains just how Kinect works, and takes a look inside.

We wish it looked a bit more like Madspeitersen’s renditions of the anatomy of a controller, though.

Forget Kinect, how about playing videogames with nothing but your eyes?

We ‘ve very sad to learn that the excellent Machinarium only saw an estimate of 5-15%. Amanita Design is now having a Pirate Amnesty, and offering the game and its soundtrack for just $5. Do yourself a favour and head on over to get a copy of the game. Tomas Dvorak’s beautiful soundtrack alone is more than worth the asking price alone: